The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them... Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you?
— Elizabeth Gilbert - Big Magic

Bespoke Alchemical Artworks

I am passionate about bringing beauty, elegance and high vibrational codes to the world through Bespoke Alchemical Art. I encode original artworks, digital prints and the written word with unique vibrational imprints that are created to raise the frequency and consciousness of humanity and the planet.

Simply by viewing the artwork, having it adorning the walls of your space, and being in presence with its energy, you receive a transmission of light that is here to support the greatest and highest evolution of love on our planet.

Each piece is uniquely coded and shares a particular transmission with the world.

I am always deeply moved when someone chooses to one of my pieces for their home or office. I consider it a great honour continue to humbly weave my majik through the artworks I create.

I deeply believe that collectively, we are the wayfarers of a new way and that we are here to guide humanity back to Love. We are here to raise the consciousness, vibration, and frequency of humanity, creating a new world on this planet and these Bespoke Artworks are a part of my humble contribution.

What Else is on offer?

Elestial designs

Bringing Beauty, Elegance & High Vibrational Codes to the Digital World, Creating a Powerful Online Environment Where Love Leads the Way.

the Written word

My heart is moved deeply by the intricacies of this beautiful world and how they touch my senses and move my body and being.

This Artist's heart

Exploring how our sensory, aesthetic & emotional worlds touches our inner experience and is then translated into creativity, inspiration and flow.

Dance & Movement

Tapping into a well of emotions & diving into the depth of human experience through movement, visual expression, spoken word.

Pippa La Doube Mentor Alchemy

Evolution Alchemy & Mentoring

Calling in all the incredible love-light souls who desire to live their most incredible lives!

Those who desire to be the best version of themselves
Those who desire to live the life of their dreams
Those who desire to have the confidence to BE themselves and share their light with the world
Those who are starting to realise that their sensitivity is actually a superpower
Those who desire to live with radiance, love and have abundant energy
And to share their beautiful hearts with the world!

I am passionate about raising the consciousness, vibration and frequency of humanity, creating a world where Love leads the way!

I am here to inspire, cultivate and guide emotional growth, body evolution, soul evolution and vibrational life alignment through Majik & Alchemy, Crystalline Essences, Ritual Bundles, Private Mentoring, Private Retreat Immersions, and Retreats.