Sometimes, I dont have the perfect image from my own Creations to use for a piece.

Here, I credit all other artists for their incredible work. I wouldn't be using their image if I didn't find it beautiful or moving.

Big ups and gratitude for the wonder you bring the world, fellow artists!

Follow the links to find more of their work.

(I endeavour to credit all artists for their work and get permission to show their gifts, so if you know the name of any of the 'unknown artists', please email me at

The banner image is of Sophie and Sarah, two Old English Sheep Dogs, who live in the Netherlands with their family. Thank you Cees (photographer) for permission to use your beautiful image. To see more of these puppies cuteness check out their website.

What's this site all about?

Image four - Lion and Cub - pinterest

Image six - Woman Reading - interior design advertisement

Aphrodite meets Athena...

Image one - Marble Macbook - artist unknown

Image two - Dreaming in Blue - artist unknown

Image three - Rustic Home Office - artist unknown - I got it from pinterest, but can not for the life of me find it again to reference it! If you know the source of this image, please email me at

Image four - Foot and Anklet - advertisement

Image five - Luscious Bath - home style inspiration

Image six - Reading in Bed - interior design advertisement

Image seven - Old English Sheep Dog Cuteness - artist Cees Bol - image of Sophie and Sarah

Image eight - Field of Wheat - artist unknown


La luna, she is full

Image one - Quan Yin - artist unknown

Animal Messages - Bali, Indonesia

Image one - Praying Mantis - Artwork 'mOOn dreamer' by Alberto Di Donato found on Pinterest

Image two - Butterfly Kiss - image from Pinterest

Image three - Gecko - image from Pinterest