Animal Messages

from the Mountain to the Ocean

Ubud, Bali: 30 December 2015

I have been having some beautiful interactions with the creature world of late.

In the mountains of Bali, up in Munduk... where the mountains touch the sky and the mist rolls in as the afternoon light deepens… a majikal Praying Mantis visited. It was sitting on my finger tip and I brought it up to my eyes to look into its eyes and commune with it. I invited it psychically to jump onto my third eye… and it jumped... directly onto my third eye, sat their for a while, sending sweet starlight messages to my soul and then walked straight up my forehead and then rested on my crown for a while. The Mantis brought me messages from God (in Africa the mantis is a messenger from God), from the stars, from the universe… about my path, my heart and my soul - soothing messages about my potency and capacity and the woman that I am and am continuing to grow into. Messages about self acceptance and deep love and my full and loving power.

And then, a few days ago, sitting in the Ubud sun in a garden by a lotus pond, I saw the shadows of the dancing butterflies on the ground around me. I looked up and watched them dance and then felt one land over my heart centre on my back. It sat and tickled my heart, gently opening and closing it wings… the kiss of a flutter by… a beautiful heart blessing. The butterfly kissed my heart and said transformation is here - dance gracefully though and lightness of being is yours.

And then, last night, a Gecko came to sit on my foot. Cool silken paws, softly padding then pausing on my foot. The Gecko said softly with his silky paws… let it go let it go let it go!

Perfect messages for this time of transition into a new year, new chapter. Bringing on a year of awesomeness, joy, lightness of being, empowered self love, silliness, play and laughter!

Blessing to all of your hearts and souls. Loving you all!!!