Bespoke Alchemical Artworks

What is Bespoke Alchemical Art?

Bespoke Alchemical Artworks are pieces of art that carry an intentional frequency. They are created for the upliftment of humanity and usually carry a specific intention - such a healing the earth, healing human hearts, activating love throughout humanity etc.

This is an ancient practice that has been woven through many cultures in our history. In Buddhism, monks created powerful paintings called Thangka’s. These potent pieces were usually of deity or a mandala and each painting is created with a very fine series of tiny dots coming together the create the whole. Every dot is imbued with a mantra* and they can take years to complete. It truly is a meditation unto itself creating these beauties. Every piece has a unique transmission and when someone then spends time in presence with the paintings, they receive the transmission of the mantra.

18th century Eastern Tibeten Thanka, with the Green Tara (Samaya Tara Yogini) in the center and the Blue, Red, White and Yellow Taras in the corners, Rubin Museum of Art

18th century Eastern Tibeten Thanka, with the Green Tara (Samaya Tara Yogini) in the center and the Blue, Red, White and Yellow Taras in the corners, Rubin Museum of Art

What I do For Your Beautiful Heart

I am passionate about bringing beauty, elegance and high vibrational codes to the world through Bespoke Alchemical Artworks. I encode these beautiful artworks with unique vibrational imprints that are created to raise the frequency and consciousness of humanity and the planet.

These artworks can be created specifically for you, or you can choose from the collection of existing Bespoke Artworks and find one that resonates with your soul.

When investing in a Bespoke Alchemical Artwork, you are not just purchasing a unique piece of art, you are acquiring a potent loving vibrational imprint for your home, your heart and your world.

Simply by viewing the artwork, having it adorning the walls of your space & being in presence with its energy, you receive a transmission of light that is here to support the greatest and highest evolution of love on our planet.

Each piece is uniquely coded and shares a particular transmission with the world.

I am always deeply moved when someone chooses to one of my pieces for their home or office. I consider it a great honour continue to humbly weave my majik through the artworks I create.

Together, we are here to raise the consciousness, vibration and frequency of humanity, creating a new world on this planet and these Bespoke Artworks are a part of my loving contribution.

Your Bespoke Artworks

How Does It Work?

Original Artworks

These original charcoal drawings are created in alchemical ceremony on handmade paper.

Commissioned pieces also available.
I would be honoured to create a channeled work specifically for you and your souls desires.

Please contact us for availability and pricing details


Digital Prints

These limited Edition Giclee Prints, printed on the highest quality cotton rag paper.

I believe in the value of unique and beautiful artworks, we limit our print runs of digital artworks to only 3 prints per edition! This means that there are only THREE of your chosen artworks in the world!

Please contact us for availability and pricing details.

bespoke artwork pippa la doube achemical artist

So beautiful!
(I say this several times a day when I see her on the wall)
I knew that it would be but was unprepared for the effect it would have on me. Thank you for entrusting such beauty to me.
I am honoured.
— Martin (commissioned channeled charcoal drawing)
When I received the artworks I was very close to crying because I fell in love instantly. I love everything about them! I am in awe of your magic and gifts. Thank you so much again sister, from the deepest parts of my soul.
— Kirsty (commissioned soul code digital art series)
They are absolutely amazing! I LOVE them!!
Im so happy with the artwork - thank you so so much!
— Johana (Commissioned channeled digital artwork series)
Thank you so much for your artworks!
The images are fabulous!
They convey light, beauty and strength I was looking for!
— Sarah (Commissioned channeled digital artwork series)

** a mantra ** is a sacred group of words in Sanskrit that is made up of a collection of syllables. Each syllable carries a very specific vibrational frequency that is designed to contribute to humanities highest. They are grouped together the create prayers and intentions that effect the environment around them through their utterance.

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