Im having an entirely new experience - I am having a loving of my bum! This is new. This is wonderful! A couple of years ago, I fell in love with my breasts after many years of throwing venom at them in a fierce way. I now cherish them - they are so much of this Beings womanly expression. And now, this love has just spread to my bottom! Celebration!

Pippa La Doube Courageous Bottom Love Writer Artist Creative Coach

This has been such a gradual process of diving into the juice of the woman that I am and allowing love and acceptance for ALL parts of me - it is an ongoing process. The words I have spoken to my body over the years are words that I would NEVER say to another being.

Such cruelty would never cross my lips to another, so how is it that I can so easily say such things to myself?

Body image issues hold such insidious energy, such cultural and pervasive mind power. I am actually noticing that I am feeling guilty about loving my bottom. Almost like I am not allowed to shift the body hate paradigm, not allowed to move against the current of this powerful thought-form. Wow, after a moment of celebration, I noticed an energetic band close across my throat and guilt wash through me. Guilt that my celebration may cast a shadow on someone else's body image issue instead of inspiring them. Guilt that someone might shame me for loving my imperfect body. Fuck that!!

Time to shift the paradigm, people! Time to lift each other up and celebrate ALL of us - whatever form we come in!! We are f@#&ing BEYOODIFUL!! May all women - make that ALL people - across all the world, come to celebrate and LOVE their bottoms and bodies! Whatever shape or size, love love love it!

Sir Mix-a-Lot had some clues… “so Cosmo says your fat, well I aint down with dat”.

May you find a softening next time you look in the mirror, a softening to love the glow that illuminates your soul and the perfection of the form of the vessel it is carried in.

❤ I love you all and I love my bum ❤

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