Pleasure Diaries # 1

Full Body Luscious Embodiment

As a part of my pursuit of pleasure in this land of Bali, my life, my body, my being, I have decided to keep a Pleasure Diary - sharing what moves me and intricacies of my experience of pleasure. I love that by drawing our awareness to something and diving into it with gratitude and appreciation, it magnifies in front of our eyes and is enhanced in our experience of it. So pleasure central here we come!!

I have been contemplating the difference between 'enjoyment' and 'pleasure'... and for me, pleasure is a really embodied sort of enjoyment. It is like the cellular response to the stimuli reaches deeper and becomes more expansive in the places in it reaches inside me.

If I 'enjoy' the sound of a bird in the morning, it only reaches so deep, but it I take pleasure in it, MY WHOLE BODY responds. My vibrational awareness is heightened as I let the pleasure of the sounds in, and my body begins to hummmm. It feels to me that we RECEIVE pleasure and ENGAGE in enjoyment...

So this dear body of mine, is opening, to this receiving... opening to the love of the world around me through pleasure.

And so today.... my pleasure included waking warm! Waking in a climate that suits my body and luxuriating in the shift of consciousness from sleeping to waking... this tender time, where reality warps a bit and dreams come through with us for a moment... this is delightful!! And that was just the beginning of the day....

Loving you all!