Pleasure Diaries #3

How Can We Open Entirely?

This little Pleasure Beacon had a day of ridiculous pleasure today!!

...the sweet sumptuous chorus of birds upon awaking
...the rosters that, remarkably, from this state of love, are just part of the wonder scape and not at all grating to the ears
... the languid sleep in
... the endless cups of tea on the balcony while doing some creative, inspiring play
... the soft grounded atmosphere of the tropical surrounds
... the sharp inhalation as I submerged my hot body in the cold pool
... delightful reading of "The Bride Stripped Bare" whilst reclining in the sunshine
... fingertips trailing in the waters edge, softly melting liquid pathways
... fresh papaya and lime juice nourishing my insides
... the touch of my soft dress on my skin as I wandered through the afternoon

Is so much pleasure even allowed!?

Today I discovered, that in order to be a Pleasure Beacon, to be entirely open to receiving all this pleasure, I need to look after my body. I need to care for this physical form, so that the pleasure can be all encompassing.

Things that diminish my capacity to be a Pleasure Beacon
... when I suddenly discovered I was so hungry that I couldn't think straight
... when I realised that I REALLY needed to wee - like NOW!
... when all of a sudden, The Busy of being Out and About in Ubud, got too much for this little creature and I needed to retreat to my heavenly cave

And then, once in my cave... fed, wee-ed, and peaceful.... the pleasure returned, as I immersed in a bath and nibbled on a ridiculous gluten free chocolate caramel slice!

OH MY!! So blessed!

Loving you all, my loves! And wishing you pleasure tooooo.