Cultivating Illuminating Radiance

21 Day Online Immersion


Beginning 1st SeptembeR 2017



Do you desire to feel more vitality, life balance, inner glow, beauty, self care, self love, contentment and radiance in your life?

We Illuminate Radiance through creating new habits, awareness and space around how we look after our bodies and souls.

It is about how we interact with our lives and how we balance our souls nourishment and our families, lives, commitments.

It is about balancing our self care to create a new self loving glow - soul to skin and skin to soul.

It is about remembering to put ourselves as a priority so we can share our heart and souls with the world from a full and luminous place.

Are you ready to remember to make space for yourself? Are you ready to Shine in your luminosity?

ONLY $63
(that's like a yoga class a week!)


No matter what size, shape, age or stage of life, this is a group for people to come together to cultivate Our Unique Gorgeousness, so that Radiance shines out from within AND we feel beautiful on the outside. It is for any being who wants to enhance their Radiance and Feel More Wonderful in their life.

Sometimes we feel so far from our Radiant selves and our energy feels like it is moving out in a thousand directions - looking after others and trying to balance everything in life.
Sometimes life carries us away on a current of Must Do Do Do and we forget what our Radiance even feels like.
We forget what it is like to breathe and take a moment of stillness and self care.
Sometimes we feel so exhausted and empty that we don't even recognise ourselves.
We long for a moment, just a moment, when we can drop back into our hearts and take some time to refill.

Thats what Illuminating Radiance all about!

Together we will...

:: Connect with the eight Radiance Pathways to Illuminate your Radiance ::

:: Create your Unique Illuminating Radiance Map ::

:: Dedicate time to our self care, self love and nourishment ::

:: Connect in with each other for accountability and support as we remember to nourish our souls ::

:: Find balance in our life and Illuminate our Radiance ::

:: Find more vitality, life balance, inner glow, beauty, self love, self care ::
contentment and radiance in our lives

:: Connect and share with like minded souls and support each other through creating new habits, ::
new thought pathways and new ways of being


Pippa La Doube Illuminating Radiance Consultant Love Inspiration Creativity - image from Unsplash from jaime-handley

You will receive....

:: Receive daily Radiance Inspiration and Guidance ::

:: Video teachings and inspiration, articles and written insights ::

:: 4 x Group Webinars on each Friday at 6pm (AEST) ::

:: 2 x Soul Nourishment Meditations ::

1 x Vision Activation Meditation ::

:: Webinars are recorded so you can listen later if you are not able to make it live ::

:: Access to the Private Illuminating Radiance FB Group ::

:: Daily checking and accountability to your Illuminating Radiance Map through the FB group ::

How does it work?

We begin on 1st September 2017 at 6pm (AEST) with a 30 minute introductory webinar

The 21 days begin the following day - 2nd - 22nd September - where you will dedicate energy to your Self Care and Radiance

Each Friday, we will have a half hour check in at 6pm (AEST) - 8th, 15th and 22nd September

For each of the 21 days you will receive videos, meditations, inspirations and articles to support you to Illuminate Your Radiance

On day one, you will create your own Illuminating Radiance Map and use this as a guide for your journey

Each day, you will be encouraged to share an update about your Radiance Journey in the FB group

By sharing and being witnessed in this way, not only does our accountability to our selves increase, we also see that we are not alone in our experiences and that more often than not, someone else is feeling the exact same thing

All content will be posted to a private FB group daily

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I look forward to Illuminating Radiance with you, Beautiful Being!