Illuminate your radiance

Luminous Beauty From Skin to Soul Soul to Skin

Let's come together to Illuminate our Radiance!

Do you desire to feel more vitality, life balance, inner glow, beauty, self care, self love, contentment and radiance in your life?

We Illuminate Radiance through creating new habits, awareness and space around how we look after our bodies and souls.

It is about how we interact with our lives and how we balance our souls nourishment and our families, lives, commitments.

It is about balancing our self care to create a new self loving glow - soul to skin and skin to soul.

It is about remembering to put ourselves as a priority so we can share our heart and souls with the world from a full and luminous place.

Are you ready to Shine in your luminosity? Are you ready to glow from the inside out and outside in?


Is this for you?

No matter what size, shape, age or stage of life, this is a group for people to come together to cultivate Our Unique Gorgeousness, so that Radiance shines out from within AND we feel beautiful on the outside. It is for any being who wants to enhance their Radiance and Feel More Wonderful in their life.

Sometimes we feel so far from our Radiant selves and our energy feels like it is moving out in a thousand directions - looking after others and trying to balance everything in life.
Sometimes life carries us away on a current of Must Do Do Do and we forget what our Radiance even feels like.
We forget what it is like to breathe and take a moment of stillness and self care.
Sometimes we feel so exhausted and empty that we don't even recognise ourselves.
We long for a moment, just a moment, when we can drop back into our hearts and take some time to refill.

Thats what Illuminating Radiance all about - FILLING OUR CUP and BALANCING OUR SELF CARE
Its about how we lovingly create space in our lives for our own hearts... and then from this place of fullness, we can more lovingly support our families, more lovingly contribute to the world around us and more lovingly participate in our relationships.

jaime-handley-44725 a.jpg

It feels so wonderful to shine in our Beauty and Radiance. 

Discover the Eight Pathways to Illuminating Radiance and how to you can create your own unique map towards luminosity and fullness in your life. Tap into your Four Illuminating Power Centres and utilise that inner energy to transform your relationship with yourself and the world around you


Illuminating Radiance Event
28th August 2017
Candyland - 224 Normanby Ave, Thornbury 3071
7 - 9pm
$20 on the door
(Please RSVP if you are coming at


Illuminating Radiance - 21 Day Online Immersion
1st September 2017
6pm (AEST) opening webinar
ONLY $63

Radiant Body ♡ Luminous Spirit

As a Radiance Consultant, I work with you to illuminate both your Radiant Body and Luminous Spirit.

There are EIGHT #radiancepathways to explore...

In order to deeply Illuminate Your Radiance, we need to look at our Body and Soul holistically. We can only get so far by addressing only one or two parts of our Radiant Being.

We could have the most amazing skin care regime in the world, but if we are feeling depleted deep inside, our spirit wont shine through our 'perfect skin' and meet the world. Our eyes might look tired or our smile might feel forced because we are not overflowing with deep embodied Radiance.

And at the same time, if we cultivate our radiance deeply from the inside with, say breathing practices, but forget to look after our physical body, we might have a glow to us, but our Being wont dance through life with that effervescent fullness that is available to us.

Using the Illuminating Radiance Map, you can truly find your luminosity and Illuminate Your Radiance
Skin to Soul ♡ Soul to Skin

Radiant Body


Food & Body nourishment

Creating nourishment & gentle refinements to align our bodies to the clear & radiant bodies they long to be.

Luminous skin & Body care

Refining our unique skin care regime, cultivating luminous beauty from the inside out & the outside in.

MovemenT & BodyLove

Creating refinements to our body love regimes to suit our souls, hearts, cycles and radiant shine.

selF Love & SensualitY

Carving time out for ourselves within our busy schedules & discovering our sensual body& being.


Luminous Spirit


FEELINGS & Expression

Finding healthy expressions of our feelings & emotions to align authentically with our hearts & souls.

Spirituality & Heart

Refining our relationship with ourselves & the universe (God, Spirit, Source) opening our deep intuition & knowing.

Friends & Relationships

Cultivating positive, uplifting pathways within our relationships - family, partner, kids, friends & colleagues.

Majik & Manifestation

Discover our vibrational relationship with the world around us, uncovering your majik and creation power.


What we do together

:: Create your own UNIQUE Radiance Map balancing the 8 Radiance Pathways ::
:: Discover and utilise the potency you have inside you in your 4 Power Centres ::
:: Balance our inner radiance and our outer self-care, health and beauty regimes ::
:: Look at all aspects of our lives, creating balance and self care in our worlds ::
:: Link our inner self-love with our outer radiance and our outer radiance with our self-care and beauty regimes ::
:: Create loving action plans for cultivating ongoing radiance ::
:: Commit to small and achievable steps towards embodying our radiance ::
:: Share our hearts and stories with each other to support each other to SHINE ::
:: Come away feeling full and alive and ready for life ::

We are all looking for more balance in our lives and I can help you find your Inner and Outer Radiance through cultivating balance and self love across all aspects of your life

Pippa La Doube Radiance Consultant Illuminating radiance image from unsplash christopher-campbell

About Your Host

Pippa is an artist, writer, radiance consultant and soul-centred coach who is deeply devoted to creativity, luminosity, transformation, love, majik, spiritual & emotional exploration and authentic expression.

Pippa is a certified Yoga Instructor and Meditation Facilitator with over 10 years of teaching experience and 20 years of personal practice. She has studied western herbal medicine, holistic healing, energy medicine, psychology and is a life student of emotional evolution and spiritual psychology.

Pippa believes deeply in the messages of our heart as our guidance system and supports people to build a trusting relationship with their own heart. Through these refinement and alignment processes, Pippa helps people to align all aspects of their lives to this vibration of their hearts and take action from this place.

Have a look at our Instagram account to feel what we are all about

Pippa La Doube Illuminating Radiance Consultant This Artists Heart Image from Jill Wellington at Pixabay


My session with Pippa was incredible! It was an experience of both being in an altered state whilst grounded and safely held while we did some deep work. Pippa works as a conduit for something powerful and expansive and is extremely intuitive. She senses what is needed and is constantly checking in to get the most out of what is ready to shift. The session was bodily, emotional, mental AND energetic.  This was a truly transformational experience and extra juice for the huge changes I have created in my life’
- Yoyoe, VIC

'Pippa bring's authenticity and heartfelt attention. She provides safety, warmth and a gentle and open perspective. She provides patience and wisdom for sensitive matters. I come away from each and every session feeling full and at peace. I feel more connected with myself and am always clearer about my hearts desires.'
- Bec, VIC

'Pippa bring's knowledge of the esoteric, wisdom, knowing, clarity, space and time to help me understand my own thoughts... A place of feeling held and truly heard. I come away with a feeling of lightness, thoughts enlightened, new perspectives and something to read & research...I think of her for honesty from a caring heart place, for words and a path to follow if I choose, without judgement either way...'
- Emma, SA

Rodan + Fields Skin Care

Coming soon to Australia

Do you remember Proactive? The skin care sensation that supported millions of people world wide clear their acne and better their skin?

Well, Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, the creators of Proactive, have created an incredible series of skin care regimes that have taken the US by storm. Rodan + Fields (R+F) has quickly become the number one anti-ageing skin care company in the US and is taking off in Canada as well.

We are excited to have R+F landing on Australian soils this year.

My online skincare store will be up and running soon!! (Sept 2017)

If you are interested in becoming a R+F consultant, please contact me at or fill out the form below

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