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This is such a unique thing for all of us! Even just contemplating it can create an increase in our creation energy and fullness. For me, it is nature, baths, flowers, fresh air, friends, baking, cooking, food, creativity, writing, cups of tea, travel, the ocean, warmth, love, puppies, beauty, dancing, spaciousness, spontaneity, rustic things, old things, lace, art and photography... oh my! so many things! :) Tell me yours and let's fly our hearts to the heavens!
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If you use tools, techniques or processes to clear and move through challenges (such as meditation, EFT, kinesiology, self-clearing etc) let me know what you are using so we can utilise these techniques in your home play should we choose to work together.
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(I am in Europe at the moment - so if you are in Australia, we can do morning or night)

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