La Luna, she is Full. 
Her Luminous Light opens Pathways Through the Blackest Sky. 
Her reflection Dances Delight on Waters Silken Surface.
Warm Air. 
Soft Skin. 
Quan Yin is Here Tonight.

Toes touch. 
Ripples bid offerings to the Farthest Shore. 
A Soft immersion. 
Midnight Rapture. 
Inch by inch. 
Spell by Enchanting Spell. 
Moment by Meditative Moment. 
Finding complete submersion.
Waters Embrace.

La Luna She is Full - Pippa-la Doube. Photography and digital media

Body and Water. 
Water and Body.
Gentle Offering of Motion. 
Languid Movement of Limbs. 
Slowly Extended.
Softly Received. 
A Molten Wrap of Love.

-pippa-la doube

Pippa La Doube Mentor Alchemy

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Calling in all the incredible love-light souls who desire to live their most incredible lives!

Those who desire to be the best version of themselves
Those who desire to live the life of their dreams
Those who desire to have the confidence to BE themselves and share their light with the world
Those who are starting to realise that their sensitivity is actually a superpower
Those who desire to live with radiance, love and have abundant energy
And to share their beautiful hearts with the world!

I am passionate about raising the consciousness, vibration and frequency of humanity, creating a world where Love leads the way!

I am here to inspire, cultivate and guide emotional growth, body evolution, soul evolution and vibrational life alignment through Majik & Alchemy, Crystalline Essences, Ritual Bundles, Private Mentoring, Private Retreat Immersions, and Retreats.