Letter as published in The Good Men Project

To dear all the Men in My Life,


Thank you for being the wonderful kind generous creatures that you are.

Thank you for bringing so much to the world

Thank you for bringing balance, power, soul, completion

Thank you for bringing adventure and hilarity

Thank you for your generous providing hearts

Thank you for your courageous strength

Thank you for your tender vulnerabilities

Thank you for showing yourselves to us

Thank you for loving us and caring for us with your huge hearts

Thank you for providing so generously for the world

Thank you for being MEN


Thank you for knowing my strength and for knowing how capable I am

And thank you for allowing me to put my sword down and wield one for me at times

Thank you for protecting us with your heart and your sword

Thank you for holding the community so strong


Thank you for holding me when I loose my shit and can’t cope

Thank you for allowing me to cry it out

Thank you for supporting me through it and not judging me

Thank you for letting me hold you when your heart is wobbling as well

This is an honour


Thank you for seeing my beauty and for ravishing me

Thank you for telling me I look beautiful on the bed in the morning before having a yummy connected ocean side breakfast

This brings sparkles to my heart

Thank you for beachside immersion

Thank you for opening my heart through your presence

Thank you for opening my body to pleasure through the presence of your heart


Thank you for always holding an essence of the playful, adventurous boy that you are

Thank you for seeing the essence of the girl that I am

And thank you for playing with me - it is fun


Thank you for fixing things

Thank you for connecting the power to the caravan and helping us put the tipi up

Thank you for fixing the car and helping me change the tyre

Thank you for the little details you think of to make our lives easier

Thank you for thinking of us with your heart so beautifully

Thank you for your practicality and generous providing of help as every turn

Thank you for showing up so consistently 


Thank you for keeping an eye on the kids while they're running free

And thank you for holding my sisters so solidly through their journey of childbirth

Thank you for being courageous in your depth of love and honour for these women in their courage and strength

Thank you for helping them find the sanctuary of a breath, by holding the little ones, so they can recalibrate to their own centre with deepened presence upon return

Thank you for being such incredible partners in this journey with new life 

I look forward to this experience for myself someday


Thank you to my Dad, who raised me with a real life example of what it is to be in the presence of a kind and generous man

Thank you for sharing your golden heart with the world and with us

Thank you for being on the side lines at every hockey match and for believing in me

Thank you for making me hot toddy when I’m sick

Thank you for putting the lights on when you know I am coming home

Thank you for thinking of me

Thank you for thinking of us

Thank you for the inheritance of your astute intuition and perceptive nature

Thank you for being such a wonderful Dad


On this day, I would like to dedicate my day to celebrating MEN.

Today, and every day, I sit in a place of deep gratitude for the Men in my life and all that they bring!

Sisters lets hold this energy strong today and shower our men with this respect, gratitude and appreciation for the Men that they are, for the gifts that they bring and for how they provide for us and help us to create such wonder together.

Prayer - by Pippa-la Doube. Charcoal drawing on archers rag paper

THANK YOU, Dear Men, for being YOU!

With respect, gratitude, appreciation and love 


Written with love for Fathers Day 2015

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