Part One - The Space Between

Have you ever noticed that when you meditate or take a yoga class, that all of a sudden, things that were overwhelming, seem further away? That when your mind and soul find stillness, there is space to breathe again and things that seemed huge are now manageable? That you can see things with a little more perspective now that you have nourished your soul a little, that the thing that had no solution now can be seen from another angle?

This is The Space Between

When we give our bodies and souls a chance to stop, rest and recuperate, a spaciousness can open in the spaces between and all of a sudden we have more room to breathe.

This deep breath, is remarkable.

This deep breath, is a life saver.

This deep breath is available to all of us, whenever we choose to take a moment.

And this breath, is the first step to us finding a brighter, more enlivened self. As with everything, it starts with us.

The Space Between is all about retraining our brains and our psyches to believe that we can take a breath... that we are worthy of that breath... that the world wont fall apart of we take that breath...

In fact... Our world will come together in even greater ways, when we take that breath!

Are you ready to take a breath?

'Take one breath a day that is entirely for you...'


Self-care and nourishment are paramount in our journey to align our lives to the enlivened version of life that we know if available to us.

We are lucky enough to be a part of a changing paradigm. We are blessed to be part of a transforming culture, where people are starting to realise that in order to best serve each other, our families and the planet, we first need to look after ourselves.

And it is still edgy. It is still a challenge to do this, because we are at the forefront of the new way. Sometimes, when I look after myself, I feel selfish and wrong... but my deep soul knows that when I do look after myself, I have SO much more to offer the rest of the world

We need to remember to fill our cup first.

Of course, when there is a little one on the scene, this can be far more challenging, but it is still important and will create more resources for us to benevolently offer our love to the world. When a dear friend first became a new mum, she was given a pearl of wisdom that saved her sanity. 'One Breath... take one breath a day, that is ENTIRELY for you... Just one breath... Just for you...'

It may sound simple enough, but it is sage wisdom in a world where we can so easily get swept up in the Busies of Everyday.

This shift that we are a part of, is the removal of the martyr. In generations gone by, there has been a tendency to sacrifice the self in order to serve our families or our world and this has lead to depleted souls. When the deep depletion is present, there is space for resentment to grow and then the martyr comes out to play.

Our self nourishment, is the key to us not only loving ourselves, but loving our lives and our worlds as well.

Athena Meets Aphrodite

Follow this link to my Huffington Post Article "Athena Meets Aphrodite - How to balance being and doing in a busy world'

How do we call nourishing gestation and active creation into balance?

How to we nourish ourselves through the busy-s and allow space for authentic inspiration to emerge?

Nourishment Practices

Here is a PDF for you to open to your own self nourishment

I invite you to print the PDF and Free Stream onto the page.


How do you currently nourish yourself?

If you could create a Dream Nourishment Day, what would it look like, feel like, smell like, taste like?

What would you need to let go of (physical / mentally / emotionally) to give yourself permission to full nourish yourself?

Which of the things in your Dream Nourishment Day can you do for yourself over the next 3 days?

Commit to one - .........

What does your Soul say to you about this nourishment you are committing to?


Do you have a friend who you can txt or call to let them know that you are making this commitment to your self?

Remember you can invite them to take this journey with you ♡

Have you txted them your commitment?


"I have nourished my self by .... and it feels ....."