Pleasure Diaries #7

Living in a Sea of Contrast

As my body moves back into strength after a time of Body Crankies, it is amazing how my senses open up to receive the world again. I feel like a flower unfurling in the morning to receive the Soft Winter Sun or a cat stretching languidly after a Lazy Afternoon Nap.

Today held this kind of Gently Awakening Pleasure. It started off slowly and a little sleepy, and by the end of the day, my heart was open and relaxed enough to receive the world again. A soft pleasure. A quiet pleasure.

Abraham-Hicks says that we 'live in a sea of contrast' and I feel, at times, that pleasure opens in us due to this contrast...

...The touch of a massage is all the more divine in its nourishment because of the alleviation of the discomfort in my body
...The buckwheat toast that I ate as my First Meal Back was ridiculously delicious as my taste buds danced with its simplicity and my belly said a gracious Thank you!
... The two butterflies dancing together were even more beautiful to see, due to my Coup Up yesterday
...The Deep Gratitude I feel for my body and how it carries me in the world was amplified as i cherish its Wellness

It feels like a delicate dance, this dance of Pleasure and appreciation in ALL. Feeling the different qualities and aspects of pleasure through ALL of our states... and as a dear friend said yesterday... 'pleasure comes as we choose to let ourselves in'! So perfect, so poignant! Thank you Stacia

Loving you all SO much.