Day 20 - Commitment to no sugar

Day 20

Wow! Half way there already and it has been amazing! And remarkably… totally ease filled!! I’ve have about three cravings in the whole 20 days!! Its like my body was really ready for the shift.

A couple of days before I made the decision to do this, I had an incredible clearing session with Chris C Stewart, which helped me to reshape some really foundational aspects of my delicate relationship to self love and strengthening my capacity to say ‘No’… and then suddenly, three days later… I started this 40 days. By clearing pathways to a more loving relationship with myself and the ability to say ‘No’ (even to myself), I found an unexpected benefit - all of a sudden I was willing to do the things that had seemed impossible moments before.

I have been eating a small about of fruit and honey… here and there… but endeavouring not to eat them because of a craving, endeavouring to eat them when they feel nourishing or enriching somehow.

When I started this, I decided not to replace the 'refined sugar' that I was eating with ‘healthy sugar substitutes’ as I wanted to retrain my taste buds to a more savoury palate. And it seems to be working. Yesterday, I have a spoonful of coconut ice-cream - made with all the good things and all the healthy sugars and it was too sweet for me! Those who know me well, know that I have been the Queen of Sweet, so Too Sweet, is kind of a miracle! :)

Half way there and feelin' goood!

Love love loving you all

Some Love...

Some Love...

Some Love has little nibbles taken out of it’s edges, leaving it tender on the outside, and solid, knowing it’s fullness on the inside...Some Love has holes in it from indiscretion past, and continues on in the knowing that the holes may never quite heal...

Time to Shine...

I believe in creativity, expression, majik, love and luminosity...

Ever since I was a little girl, I have believed that we are all here to share our unique gifts, our unique expression and our unique heart with the world.

I believed we were here not just to BE them, but to really SHINE them!

And so of course, this has been one of my greatest learnings... learning to really SHINE them to the world.

This last year especially, I have really deepened my relationship with self acceptance and self love as pathways for me to be able to be All of Me in the world. I have dived deep, opened up, touched vulnerability i didn't know was there and really taken the challenge of making my heart and my expression a priority.

It has been edgy and it has involved breaking down a LOT of societal constructs that I had bought into, and more and more I feel like Me in the world. It is still edgy and it is also a relief.

For some people, this is no biggie. For some people, being entirely themselves is Just How it Is. But for me, I found my self bending and moulding into a slight left of me version of myself to better fit into a Something - relationship, job, community, family, world.

But i see now, it was doing an injustice - not just to myself, but the the world around me.

The world needs us. The feeling I had when I was a little girl, was that we were all unique cogs in a synergistic universal creation. Without any one piece, the picture was incomplete. We are all vital to the picture of the earth experience and it is our JOB to SHINE it.

If I am to create the Change I want to see, then this is it!

The change I want to see is for all unique human expressions to be celebrated first, by themselves and also by others! For our innate gifts and offerings to be welcome as a part of the whole. For us to have to confidence to Shine. For whatever form our human spark comes into expression to be given space to be celebrated as the unique and wonderful contribution that it is. For us to let go of shame - both in our selves and our perception of others and really SHINE so BRIGHT.

It is Time, beautiful people! I want to see all of you!! I want to see your Shine!
And I want to really start to see Me... through ever loving eyes… so my sight in how I see others can be ever more deeply infused with love.

It is Time <3
It is Time <3