Pleasure Diaries #12

Desire, Dare to Take Me

This week was all about the Soft transition into Sweetness of Self and the Gentle Opening Pleasure that sits inside such a transition.

I have spent so many years seeking Smoother Waters - searching for Continuity of The Happy-ies - and am starting to understand that life is Just a Bit Topsy Turvy sometimes and that that's actually perfect. I feel like I am Finally coming to terms with the Ocean of Life, through all of it's wonder and discomfort and that, as the Yogis say, flowing like a reed in water will ease the currents motion.

Exhale. Relax. Surrender. Unfold.

The Pleasures of this week cross many Shades of Love...
- The Sweetness of Humanity shown through a little Balinese Girl, grubby faced and covered in fruit remnants, who joyfully reached up both arms with such excitement, as she emphatically realised she needed a hug
- The sand in my Toes. Sand in my Toes. Sand In My TOES!
- The Oceanic Wonderland of Gili Air - Crystal Clear Turquoise Waterscapes rhythmically lapping the shore
- The Soft Energy of This Land and it's gentle persuasion into Surrender and Being
- The Ecstatic Lines of Energy in My Body - delighting in these Pleasure Pathways through Intimacy of Awareness and Soft Opening
- Deep Gratitude for this Vessel I inhabit and how she holds me so sweetly in this world
- The Grace and it's motion through Life's Unfoldings - always Illuminating a Pathway, even if I cant see where it is taking me
- Fellow Humans and our collective journey deeper into the Heart

Sweetness in Self - that is SUCH a pleasure to inhabit.

A week on an Island PARADISE is bound to call a lady into the Luscious of her Body and the Love in her Being! Thank you Gili Air - you are seriously special.

Loving you ALLLLLLL