Part Two - Self Love

Can you imagine a world where our loving relationship with ourselves was a priority? Can you imagine a Self Love Revolution? A reality where we all know how deeply amazing we are and lovingly care for ourselves, our bodies, our emotions and our beings.

Can you imagine a world where we know how entirely unique and inspiring and Deeply Divine and Wonderfully Human we all are! Where there is no self deprecation or arrogance, just a deep and loving knowing of our worth and the value of our presence on this planet.

What if we knew, just that simply by breathing, that our presence was valuable?

For some people this is no biggie, but for many of us, this deep and loving self worth has been shaped out of us through our experiences and conditioning.

There is a soft strength that accompanies self love.

This journey is all about inspiring change on a cellular level. It is about loving ourselves intimately through it all. It is about really creating habits that support our love for ourselves, so we can move in the world from a place of overflowing love. It is about you. It is about me. It is about ALL of us. Ultimately is is about Love.



Self love and your mirror

Find a few moments to sit in front of a mirror by candle light. Watch the light dance over your face and look deep into yourself... be soft with yourself.

See the remarkable being sitting in front of you… so beautiful, so strong... powerful beyond measure. Witness this beings vulnerability, humanness… their wisdom and how deeply they hold you. This beautiful being knows you, has got you, is you,...

What would you say to the heart that gazes back at you… What would you share with her about how you see them and what jewels you see in her depths?

It can take some time to melt into love in this space. Allow any self judgement to melt away as you imagine that she is a dear friend sitting in front of you. The things that we say to ourselves in criticism are usually things that we would never say to another, so imagine that the being who gazes back at you is a soul sister. What would you say to her?

Recently, my reflection said to me… Pippa my love, you don’t need to worry so much. You can relax your cells and let go into me… Ive got you, you know that... I’ve got you... Surrender into me… Let go, beautiful one, let go...

So I exhale and surrender into her and suddenly the world feels softer and stronger all at once.

What does your soul share with you through your reflection in the mirror?

I invite you to write a message for this woman you saw in the mirror and stick it up around your space soemwhere, as a daily reminder of how much you love her.