Pleasure Diaries #10

One of My Greatest Loves... Music

Today was simple... Today my Greatest Pleasure was all about one of my Great Loves... Music

... It was about sitting on my bed with a Dear Friend, relaxed and languid in the Bali warmth, listening to the lyrical sounds of Incredible Piano Pieces
... It was about watching where the music lifts me up, where it suspends me momentarily, where it drops me in and how deep
... It was about the places in my body that the music activates and opens and as always, a delight in this awareness
... It was about the roadmap inside my soul and the soundscapes that illuminate new pathways
... It was about the Pauses and the Emphasis and how they carry such an Exquisite Subtle Language
... It was about the Energy of Emotion shared through vibration and sound from the Musician to the Listener
... It was about the Pleasure of Friendship, Shared Passion and Ease
... It was about Gifts Shared and Honoured
... It was about Wonder
... It was about Relaxation

And it was about Love, always Love....

Loving you all, beautiful ones!