Creative Visioning, Soul Strategy and Clearing Pathways

Pathways to liberation

Through majik, ceremony, creative channeling, kinesiology and soul coaching techniques

It's time to RISE!!

There comes a time in our lives when something moves through from the Depths of our Deep and we no longer have a choice. No choice, but to create, through loving action, our own Unique Loving Expression of this Life. It becomes urgent, like a Soul Expression Seed that is busting through the earth to reach the light.

Are you longing to define and refine your divine design?

It's your book - you get to write every phrase in it!

Would you like to go on a journey together?

What is Divine design coaching:

Align with your Divine Design

Remember your deepest self-love

Activate and ignite your creation power

Ignite your creativity as a source of empowerment

Align with your values, priorities and deepest offerings

Remember your unique gifts and how these shape your purpose in life

Strengthen your emotional intelligence and self accountability

Deepen your relationship and understanding of your strength & vulnerability

Let go of limiting beliefs

Create positive neural pathways to shape your habits in life

Increase self-awareness

Come to know, understand and love yourself unconditionally


Together we can create the life love living balance you desire! Creative, expressed, inspired and loving!


Is this coaching for you?

Do you know you have great gifts to offer, but you just don’t know what they look like?

Perhaps you know what they are, but you can’t see how they all fit together?

Do you have a gut feeling that there is SO much more creative life force available to you, but you don’t quite know how to access it or ignite it?

Do you feel a strong calling to align everything you do in life with your heart and soul?

Do you desire to life from a place of fullness and vitality?

Do you know that you have amazing value to offer the world, but can’t seem to get it flowing?

Do you oscillate between knowing how valuable your offerings are and doubting your capabilities?

Do you feel like you need to shake something up?

Do you desire more balance and love in your life?

Do you know that you are the creator of your world and that there are subconscious patterns in place that keep you from fully shining?

Do you desire to fully empower your inner Creatress to ignite fully satisfying and inspiring offering?

Perhaps you are stepping into your power more and more and need a point of accountability to help you reach your vision?

Do you desire to free yourself from your own limitation and become the full, luminous expression of who you are!?

Is it your time to shine?

Your creation majik, is unlimited!!

The Pathway

Through a Creative Visioning Coaching Series with me you will:

  • connect in with your inner desires and hidden sparks
  • uncover what they look like
  • immerse in what they feel like
  • align with your deepest values
  • begin to align your life to these values too
  • discover what unconscious conditioning lies in the way of your reaching these Visions
  • clear it!
  • release old experiences that keep us from fully embracing the fullness of what life is here to offer us
  • and create tangible, actionable pathways to making this New Vision a reality in your world
  • call yourself into accountability around following the actionable pathways by creating a Pathway Plan
  • watch your world transform around you
  • come away feeling alive and connected
  • feel aligned and engaged in your life
  • feel inspired to create loving action towards your Pathway Plan
  • leave the session feeling excited and willing to take the necessary action to actualise your Vision
  • feel ready to face the world with your bold and loving heart leading the way

Make the Wish and create the Come True!

I have a wonderful array of tools in my tool belt! They are powerful and deep and can take you to places in your soul and psyche that you may not have touched yet. It can be exciting and challenging to go to these places inside ourselves.

And the changes that can come from such a journey are astounding!

It requires COURAGE!

Are you ready to write the script of your life through Divine Design Coaching?

 It takes courage! Are you ready to re-write your life?

It takes courage! Are you ready to re-write your life?

Living life to its fullest is not for the faint hearted. It is for the courageous souls who know there is so much more available to us and that we simply need to dig deep, find the support we need and take those bold and beautiful steps towards our fullness.

Are you feeling the call? 


Time to embody the full and luminous expression of who you are?


What's in my tool box...

  • Life Coaching
  • Creativity Coaching
  • Creative Visioning
  • Strategic Visioning
  • Multi-level Clearing
  • Powerful Energetic Majik and Ceremony

When approaching coaching, I believe that in order to get the results we are after, we need to work on many different levels simultaneously...


  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Energetic
  • Spiritual
  • Ancestral
  • Cultural
  • Familial

For example, if we work purely in the physical, there can be blocks in the energetic, ancestral or emotional fields that can limit our creation potential. If we work only in the energetic, without any physical action, again, our results (although sometimes magical) are less than their greatest potential.

I love to work in all of these areas with clients, to maximise what we can create together! It is exciting and incredible to what the majik unfold before our eyes!

Clearing and Visioning Techniques

I have a vast tool box of amazing processes to support the shifts that clients are making in their lives. Some of the main things we play with are:

Your life. Your creation. Your wish. Your YES to YOU!

  • Creative visioning and planning
  • Structured accountability and strategy
  • Psychological understanding and human emotional evolution
  • Kinesiology clearing
  • Ancestral clearing
  • Clearing tangled agreements (cultural, ancestral, emotional, relational, familial, personal)
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Majik and Energetic Clearing, Ceremony and Creation
  • Meditation and vibrational alignment
  • Visioning and actualisation techniques

DO you feel called to dive in together?


Pippa La Doube bio soul coach creativity transformation visioning

Pippa is a creative visionary, an artist, a writer and a soul-centred coach who is passionate about supporting people to awaken their creativity, to believe in themselves and live the life of their dreams.

She is deeply devoted to creativity, transformation, love, spiritual & emotional exploration and authentic expression. Pippa offers powerful visioning a clearing sessions to support you to activate your deep soul desires and purpose in the world. She believes deeply in the messages of our heart as our guidance system and supports people to build a trusting relationship with their own heart. Through these refinement and alignment processes, Pippa helps people to align all aspects of their lives to this vibration of their hearts and take action from this place.

She believes that in order to shift the world into a more loving place to inhabit, we need to first love and accept ourselves fully - both our light and our shadow. The ripple affect of this love, moves out into our relationships and our community, inspiring and effecting change.

Her work engages visioning, clearing, creativity, human understanding, coaching, connection, ritual, majik, feeling, movement, authentic expression and self love to inspired growth, healing and spiritual & psychological evolution.

Pippa is a writer for several e – zines,  is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, and has been published in a Women’s Youth Empowerment publication in Germany. Her writing explores psychological understanding and human emotional evolution. She exhibits her art work around Australia and offers live transformational dance and art experiences in Melbourne, Australia.

Pippa loves puppies, tangelos, anything turquoise and the sound of crickets in the forest…