PROSE and pontifications

It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing...
— Oriah Mountain Dreamer

I love to explore how we touch the world and how the world touches us. It is a remarkable thing, this human experience, and I constantly marvel at how uniquely lucky we are to be alive. It is both a blessing and a challenge to be birthed into this human form and I love to explore where psychology meets experience, spirituality, emotion, culture, humanity and spirit.

I am fascinated with the diversity of our experiences and the threads of similarity than run through these human experiences.

I am drawn to think about the things that are not talked about so much - the things we culturally shame or shy away from. I believe that by bringing these taboo subjects to light, we demystify them, allowing a shift in awareness and acceptance, which can support us to come to a greater state of self love and acceptance.


Where athena meets aphrodite

How do we call nourishing gestation & active creation into balance? How to we nourish ourselves through the busy-s and allow space for authentic inspiration to emerge? I am witnessing the places in me that are habituated in doing’... Read More

There's a moontime gremlin in my bed

I woke up with a gremlin in my bed this morning. She visits me about once a month and my goodness she is a recalcitrant little creature! She is stubborn, ratty and can be incredibly mean - with me that is - with others she can be .... Read More

Shine, Shame Free

A few days ago, a Debilitating Shame around sharing Immense Pleasure In Life with you all washed over me. I noticed as I was coming back into brightness, that I was shying away from sharing the Really Ecstatic Pleasures... Read More

Depression to expression

I have noticed that sometimes I approach my journey with depression as if it was an untrustworthy friend. I have been in a Good Place for quite some time now, but there is an apprehension about the Good Place. I find myself... Read More

An Angel's Awakening

The air was cool and the night was still. Dusk was folding into night and a gentle steam rose off the water to touch the cool night air. The little boats made soft ripples on the glassy water surface and I had this sense of moving back... Read More

Emotional Generator human design

In Human Design, I am a Generator, which interestingly means I wait - receptive and open - for the world to come to me with stimuli to respond to. Until now, I thought that this was disempowering… to sit and wait and be receptive... Read More