Through this exploration of the world, I have come across an interesting phenomena. It is not knew, it is cultural, and something I feel to share about. A few days ago, a Debilitating Shame around sharing Immense Pleasure In Life with you all washed over me. I noticed as I was coming back into brightness, that I was shying away from sharing the Really Ecstatic Pleasures with you all - and in fact a shying away from even Feeling Them Entirely - for fear that my delight may adversely effect others emotional states.

I know that when we are struggling in our world, it can be challenging to see someone shouting from the roof tops about pleasure. It can cause us to shrink away into our process a little deeper.

How could we do this differently? How could we create a different reality?

A reality where our loving relationship with ourselves in the priority. A Self Love Revolution! A reality where we KNOW how friggin amazing we are... ALL OF US!!! Where we know how entirely unique and inspiring and Deeply Divine and Wonderfully Human we all are! A reality where we are all entirely authentic to our process and our journey towards loving ourselves. A reality where we can Shine Shame Free. A reality where we can Struggle Shame Free too. Would someone else's Shine have such an adverse effect on us if we weren't ashamed by our struggle? Ultimately it is up to us. Individually. And Together. Loving ourselves and each other all the way.

This journey with Pleasure is about inspiring change on a cellular level through a commitment to noticing and embodying Pleasure in Life. It is about inspiring others to dive in and notice the Little Intimate Ecstasies that surround us daily. Its about creating new awareness in our lives. It is about opening, surrendering and being. It is about loving ourselves intimately through it all. It is about really creating habits that support our love for ourselves, so we can move in the world from a place of overflowing love. It is about you. It is about me. It is about ALL of us. Ultimately is is about Love.

Lets do it, beautiful people! As Nahko and Medicine for the People say... 'We are the ones we've been waiting for'.

Loving you ALL, Ridiculously Beautiful Souls!

Pippa La Doube Mentor Alchemy

Evolution Alchemy & Mentoring

Calling in all the incredible love-light souls who desire to live their most incredible lives!

Those who desire to be the best version of themselves
Those who desire to live the life of their dreams
Those who desire to have the confidence to BE themselves and share their light with the world
Those who are starting to realise that their sensitivity is actually a superpower
Those who desire to live with radiance, love and have abundant energy
And to share their beautiful hearts with the world!

I am passionate about raising the consciousness, vibration and frequency of humanity, creating a world where Love leads the way!

I am here to inspire, cultivate and guide emotional growth, body evolution, soul evolution and vibrational life alignment through Majik & Alchemy, Crystalline Essences, Ritual Bundles, Private Mentoring, Private Retreat Immersions, and Retreats.