Is it time to love and nourish those deeply exhausted parts of yourself?

Come then, dear one...

Come on a journey into the soft strength that resides within you. Take a moment a day to remember YOU as you rejuvenate the fullness of your divine expression through self love, kindness and simple practices that fill you up.

We have been brought up in a world where self love and self care are not a priority. As women, we have generally been modelled an existence where our own needs come second to those we love, as we have been taught to look after others first. It is embedded in our culture and we are taught to think that it is 'selfish' to self care.

I am a big believer in being a loving presence in the world...

I am big believer in offering my heart in service...

And I am a big believer in supporting and loving those around me...

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But there is a missing link!!

What if we have to remember to look after ourselves FIRST?

What if by nourishing our selves, our capacity to love and care for those around us quadrupled?

Have you ever noticed how delightfully loving and present you are after a really restful holiday? How suddenly, you are so much more engaged with those around you?

Have you noticed that the day after being completely ravished by a lover, you feel so full that the world appears more beautiful, you feel more radiant and you become more loving?

Have you noticed how you become more attentive, affectionate and compassionate?

What about after a long bath? Have you noticed how your nervous system relaxes and suddenly the things that loomed large, now suddenly don't feel so pressing?

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What if it was a state we could cultivate?

What if we could find simple ways to fill ourselves up, so that our souls feel effervescent and radiant?

What if we could make some little changes each day, that shift our radiance to a new level?

Come and join me on a journey of Soul Nourishment

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