The Men Who Have Raised the Bar...

Over the last couple of years, there have been three men in particular who have changed my world... there have been many many humans who have touched me deeply, and at the same time, these three opened something unique in my deep heart that had been locked away. It has been such a relief to feel it open, so I want to honour them <3

These men have seen my depths, honoured my soul and treated me with a tenderness that broke me open. They showed me things about my self and the deep heart world that I had never seen or trusted enough to touch before. Others had tried to take me there before, but I wasn't ready to see that I was loveable. They showed me deep parts of themselves and opened parts of my heart that had been locked up!

Perhaps I was ready to open, perhaps it was something about our energy dynamic, perhaps it was a quality they hold in their being... Perhaps it was all three...

These three wonderful beings are deeply golden hearted men. I am so touched to have had our souls meet <3

You each know who you are <3 I respect and appreciate you deeply <3

This little didi holds the energy of the grace in my heart that I want to share with you... (the video bit is at the bottom of the page)…/touched-poem-man-raised-bar-dg/