Day 40 - Commitment to no sugar

Yesterday marked the 40th day in my 40 day commitment to no sugar… wow that went fast!! <3 Yay!! And so today marks day one of my next 40 days…

It has been amazing! And surprisingly, really not that hard. I really feel that the session that I had with my amazing friend Chris just days before my decision totally catapulted me into an ease, clarity and determination around this commitment. It’s like my body and soul were ready.

I have still eaten fruit occasionally and have had hippy sugars twice during the 40 days… my agreement with myself was about kicking my very bad evening habits of Refined Sugar Scoff for emotional numbing. There have been a few occasions when I have felt the urge creep in… its like a strange creature rising inside me and I want to reach for sugar to numb something out.. and instead… I either make a rich tea with almond milk or eat something salty.

I have noticed so many beautiful differences in me since being off sugar… … pretty much everything has a sweet element to it. Macadamia nuts are SWEET as fuck and buttery and delicious
… when I eat something which now tastes sweet, say the aforementioned Macca’s, i am tending not to overindulge as I might have in the past
… my energy is smoother through the day
… I am more consistent with my morning routine/ritual
… I am steadier emotionally. I still feel the rides of human yay and owie, but there is an underlying stability and trust in myself beneath it more often than not
… my skin feels clearer
… I feel more radiant
… my moon time was less topsy turvy and emotional and much less painful