Inner Fire

I'm learning so much about my inner fire at the moment. It has been really taking me by surprise and is not very comfortable to this peace keeping being.
Something has shifted inside me around my self worth and I now have very fierce 'NO's about certain things. In the past, I have let things slide either because my perception is that their needs must be more important than mine because they are stating them or that my desire for peace is more important than that boundary my deep soul is asking me to make. 
But no! Not anymore!I will no longer be walked on! I will no longer put the needs of the selfish above the needs of my soul. I will no longer under value myself!
I can feel the pendulum swing of this energy in me. For too long the ball sat over in the door mat department, so now it is sitting fiercely in the No Way department. And I'm calling in the middle ground, where the stating of my boundaries is love filled and self loving rather than defiant and reactive... So here I create an affirmation to super this new balance...
'I ignite my world with love, understanding and very clear boundaries' 
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