Moon Time Majik

✨💕🌙Moon Time Majik🌙💕✨
This morning I danced in front of my vision board, invoking it’s energy into my world. I noticed a bit of discomfort in my womb as my Moon Time begins to gather energy for her monthly release.

This is the first Moon Time since going separate ways from a lover and therefore it is an important time to breath, gather and let go. As I danced to invoke the energy of my vision board into my life, I also called through the intention for this moon time to gather any residual energy from this lover and washes him out of my being and my womb. Holding the energy of gratitude for all that I learnt, the love we experienced and letting go of what no longer serves me.

I did a powerful Recapitulation Ceremony (the Toltec Art of Releasing Energy) a week ago, to cleanse my womb and body from any residual hooks, ties and energetic dros (mucky energy) from the interaction. And afterwards, I felt lighter, freer and more aligned to my deep self. It is an energetic ceremony and also a symbol of my letting go.

And now, as this Moon Time nears, the next level of release and surrender occurs. My heart feels light as a feather and so ecstatic as I let go of the old and call through the new. 
Contact me through if you would like to do a Ceremony with me or if you would like some information about how to do the ceremony for your self.
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