My brain responds well to kindness

My brain responds well to kindness and so when I wake up in a funk, my daily rituals help me to be kind to my self and to lift my brain into more positive synaptic pathways and help my emotional body to feel cared for and loved.

As a lover of Words, I am a deep believer in their vibrational imprint. I feel that each word, and the intention it is called forth with, holds a vibration and that has the capacity to deeply affect our own vibrational and cellular body. With this understanding in my field, I endeavour to approach my Being with a collection of Loving Words, invoking their majik to support the majik of my being. As someone who has had a journey with depression, this is not always easy, and I can really feel the difference in my being when I can bring loving, gentle words to my being, coaxing my being towards a higher vibration.

Todays loving words… “I hold my own Golden Field with Love and Grace. I listen deeply to the strong knowing of my power centres - my womb yoni complex, my solar plexus, my heart and my third eye - and I trust and heed their guidance” “I adore me, I love me, I cherish me, I look after me, I honour me, I trust me, I am true to me”

Loving me ❤️ Loving you All ❤️ And hope you are Loving You ❤️ #selflove #takeabreath#morningritual #selfcare #emotionalhealth#kindness #positivevibes #love #grace#artistlife #creativeliving #creativity#innerknowing #selftrust #trust #affirmations#ritual #sunshine #selfhonour #itrustmyself#ilovemyself #divinepride #commitmenttoself#lovingyouall