Radiance, like the sunshine, has seasons

Radiance, like the sunshine, has seasons. The bright shining midsummer radiance is just as important as the recuperative winter months... The full luminescence of the day is balanced by the quiet reflection of the night.

And without the stillness and recharge, the buds can't birth and bloom. 
So it is with us. We need our recuperative stillness to shine our bright and luminous souls to the world. 
During this inward time, our radiance practice doesn't fall away, it just tends to different aspects of our being.

Every month, we have this cycle. Every month we move through the different phases of our Moon Time, from the inward period to the outward shine.

As I enter my moon time, my energy slows and my body gets ready to release. My emotions become like a river, and whatever I haven't given space to emotionally over the month suddenly washes out of me. It is uncomfortable, it is fluid, it feels like an ocean of emotion and sometimes it feels like too much. But it is just part of a cycle, part of a cleansing wash and if allowed space and expression, gives rise to an inward stillness. It is a part of my radiance, even though in the moment of flow, I don't feel so radiant.

So my message to my self this morning is ... 'Go softly dear one, hold you self compassionately inside the storm. Give is space and it will soon move through. Your shine will surface again as the cycle opens to it's new season... Photo credit: @this.artists.heart

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