Creativity brought me luminosity!

After a couple of months of VERY focused action and determination leading the way, it is time to step into a different mode.

Sometimes these periods of intensive Athena like energy are necessary - to meet a deadline or reach a goal. But often at the end of a period like this, I find my self completely shattered and in desperate need of self care and nourishment.

Illuminating Radiance is all about how we support our selves inside these fluxes within life. It is about how we look after ourselves and forge time for self love and care within the Busies.

This time, I wasn’t very good at it. I found myself completely shattered and feeling sad and flat. My inner Radiance was dim and my heart felt sad because of it. It felt like my light was out... and it didn’t feel good at all!

So this weekend, I dedicated my time to creativity. For me creativity and authentic loving connection are two sure fire ways to connect with source (the universe, god, love, higher self... whatever it is for you). I know this, but still, sometimes when I’m in the midst of a funk, I can forget that they are my pathways to the light.

Thankfully, this weekend, I found them again... and I seriously feel like a different person! I feel like I have come home to myself and remembered my souls light. It is kind of gobsmacking how much of a difference a little creative nourishment can make to my system!! We each have different pathways and Illuminating Radiance supports you to connect with them and open to them in a supported environment.

So this is me, creativity activated... and feeling SO. MUCH. MORE. ALIVE ✨🌺✨ #lifeforce #creativity #creative#illuminatingradiance #balance #love#beauty #visionboards #sweetness #summer#radiancepractice #radiantheartsalign#beautifullife #aliveagain

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