Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit...
— E.E.Cummings

what folks are saying....

'Pippa bring's grace. Working with her is like slipping into the stream of grace. She moves in a way that reflects a women who is aligned to creative grace. She is incredibly meticulous and precise.  No messy edges with this women. She bring's presence and a wisdom way beyond her years… Her perspectives always drop me deeper into my depth sphere. My meetings with her leave me feeling dropped in under my skin and into the subtle weaves of my deeper inner realms. It is always a blessings to have her magical star dust sprinkled over my offerings...'

- Leyolah Antara (Kundalini Dance and Embodying Erotic Divinty)


'Sitting with Pippa is the most beautiful embrace, I feel so tenderly supported to open, process and just BE in her presence. Pippa creates this space in our interactions where I feel that she is 100% genuinely interested in me and how I am travelling on my life path. Because she is able to create such a safe space, she can ask me the harder questions, or draw my attention to obstacles on my path in a way that does not trigger my flight response.

Pippa is one of the most sensitive and grounded souls I know, and acutely aware of and in tune with subtle energies. She helps me to see new perspectives on old stories and current happenings in such a beautiful way, like looking up at a vast night sky and pointing the way to all these different shades of light, but without telling me what perspective I SHOULD hold, or what i SHOULD do.

She is a facilitator of the heart and of JOY. She alights my wonder and melts my heart open to really FEEL and connect in with what is present. When I need a dose of diving in time, epic conversation, creative visioning, heart yawning, giggle mania and a feeling of deep connection, I think of Pippa..'

- Luke Hickmott (Dancer, educator, school teacher and creative)


'Pippa bring's authenticity and heartfelt attention. She provides safety, warmth and a gentle and open perspective. She provides patience and wisdom for sensitive matters. I come away from each and every interaction feeling full and at peace. I feel more connected with myself and am always clearer about my hearts desires.'

- Rebecca Smith (Creative professional, program developer and facilitator with Stride (Whitelion), artist and dancer)


'Pippa always brings perspective and wisdom. She is a bright and bubbly fairy who loves spreading good energies around, but is also able to be exactly where she is at and honour that. She is a beautiful inspiration! My spirit is stimulated through our interactions. Talking to her helps me remember that I am a spirit having a human experience not the other way around. I come away with hope and perspective.'

- Muriele Tsauri (co-founder Moon Stuff, midwife of Red Tent women's work, and divine mama)


'Pippa bring's knowledge of the esoteric, wisdom, knowing, clarity, space and time to help me understand my own thoughts... A place of feeling held and truly heard. I come away with a feeling of lightness, thoughts enlightened, new perspectives and something to read & research...I think of her for honesty from a caring heart place, for words and a path to follow if I choose, without judgement either way...'

- Emma Murphy (Musician, primary school teacher and creative)