Pleasure Diaries #4

The Dance of Intimacy and Surrender

Intimacy and surrender.... and how these two things dance to the heavens... is PURE pleasure.

There are times in life (speaking now about times outside the where intimacy and surrender unite to form a kind of freedom that is like no other.... A freedom that is so open, so receptive and so simultaneously full and empty. A freedom that is entirely ecstatic. Embodied. For me it is usually through dance or shibari and tonight was no exception.

Tonight we Danced. Blindfolded. Fingertips touching. We danced to the rhythm of our Felt Senses. We opened our hearts to feel each other deeply, to feel each others Real, to feel each other's Before We Put a Face On To The World. Felt sense. Love sense. Heart sense. Cicadas chirping. Water falling sweetly in the distance. Warm evening air swimming softly with love. A dance of surrender and delicate human intimacies. Unfolding. Into pure pleasure.

Loving you all!