Brighton Sunset - photograph by Pippa-la Doube. Brighton Beach, Adelaide, Summer 2015

This time

This Gloaming

Is elegantly spacious.

The time when day meets night

As dusk passes over.

It holds the majik

Of the meeting of worlds.

An opening...

Inner Folds of a Rose - photograph by Pippa-la Doube. Melbourne, Spring 2012

To portals of love

And vibrational alignment

That aren't so available

 To us at other times.

It is a space

Where time elongates

And if we take a moment to float,

Water Drop in a Lily - Photograph by Pippa-la Doube. Ubud, Bali August 2011


Buoyant in its opening,

We can move

Through the silky

Soft edges of our cells,

Deep into our own being.

It is here,

That the subtlties

Mushroom Majik - Photograph by Pippa-la Doube. Winter 2015 Adelaide Hills


Of awareness move

Gentle, as if in slow motion...

Delicately communicating

Their pathways,

Their experiences,

Their little ecstasies with us,

As they touch the depth of our being.

- pippa-la doube