Pleasure Diaries # 2

The Hours of the Gloaming

Todays deepest pleasure was all about The Gloaming. That exquisite time of day when day meets night as dusk passes over.

This time, this Gloaming, is elegantly spacious. It holds the majik of the meeting of worlds and an opening to portals of love and vibrational alignment that aren't so available to us at other times. It is a space where time elongates, and if we take a moment to float buoyant in this opening, we can move through the silky soft edges of our cells, deep into our own being. It is here, that the subtleties of awareness move gently, as if in slow motion... delicately communicating their pathways, their experiences and their little ecstasies with us, as they touch the depth of our being.

This feeling is exquisite and tonight, as my heart opened to the softness inside my own cells, pleasure swept through. As did a deep gratitude for this elongation of love in time and my own souls willingness to receive it. 

Loving you all. Deeply. Softly. Openly.