The little wonders of the world


Doggies Tummies

The way puppies love to have their tummies rubbed. The two puppies I am looking after in Mocaiana, Italy, are all about the Tummy Rub. They are SO cute! And could quite happily sit for hours having their tummies rubbed, bellies up, legs splayed and happiness all over their faces.


Kit Kats

The kit kats here in Italy are still wrapped in foil! They have that very satisfying Finger Nail Along The Foil Seam Before You Snap thing going on... it is very good. But alas the chocolate is slightly different - more dark than milk, which, for my Buds of Taste, is a little less satisfying.


There are poppies! Everywhere! In the fields, popping up in random gardens, but most impressively, on all the road verges! Spring has sprung here, so they are everywhere. It is stunning! Beautiful bright red poppies EVERYWHERE!

Fresh Wild Asparagus

One of my greatest pleasures while doing this house sit near Mocaiana, Italy, has been the food I have been eating. I have been stocking up on fresh goodies from the local markets and coming home and cooking up a feast!

There are no eateries in the area, so it is all home cooked wonder and I have say, I LOVE TO COOK! This time of spaciousness and sync with the simple rhythms of life has left me plenty of room to be creative with my cooking and create some serious wonder in the kitchen. It is heaven!

Fresh asparagus, spinach, artichokes, local prosciutto, fresh local mushroom ravioli, suggo made from tomatoes in the garden, herbs picked from the garden. Slow cooked things, quick fried things, baked bits, steamed bits, all sorts of delicious bits! YUMMY!

10 0'clocksies

10am every morning is Caffe Time! Time for coffee, where ever you are. It is a time where neighbours pop in to see each other, a time when you stop what you are doing and share some time and caffe with those around you. It is a time when NO-ONE is on the roads! There is an old fella who pops in regualrly for a caffe and to check if I need fire wood. The old lady at the top of the hill where I walk the dogs, who doesnt speak a word of English, invites me in as I walk past for a caffe, and we sit and sign language and have as much of a conversation as we can. It is so lovely, so hospitable, so community and it feels wonderful to be a part of it.


The Chivalry of Men

I decided to catch the train then local bus from the airport to my friends house in the out skirts of the city area. I was a bit nervous about exactly where my bus stop was, as everything at thing point was written on in the Greek Script, which is beautiful, but non of which I understand.

I was peering nervously out the window and a lovely old Greek man asked me in broken English where I needed to go. Through a combination of sign language, a map and some quite hilarious attempts at communication, he said that he would hop off at the same stop to show me, because his stop is close by. He felt so lovely and honest and unassuming and I felt completely safe with his guidance.

The bus was coming to the stop that we were to get off at and then jerked suddenly, sending me and my luggage flying. I was caught by the arms, by two strong older Greek men, who didn’t hesitate to save me as I fell, pulling me and my luggage back upright in moments, checking if I was ok and all round being entirely kind and gentlemanly.

It was so touching. The whole experience left me feeling so looked after and care for. It was beautiful.