Pleasure Diaries #8

The Stunning Simplicity of Sparkling

Todays pleasure is all about SPARKLE!! It is the kind of sparkle that rises up your spine, gives you little shivers and sends Orgasmic Pulses through your crown to the heavens above. It is the kind that makes you giggle. It is ignited and activated. It is also Stunningly Simple.

... It is the steam that wafts off my cup of tea in the morning, caressing the atmosphere with its own delight, its motion, its freedom
... It is the passionfruit hanging from the vine that is nearly the size of my Head that made me gasp!
... It is the bright vermillion red dragon fly that played with the edge of my shadow - skitting, dancing, delighting
... And the SOUND that it made as it took off each time... a clear and audible 'Click'!

And entirely pleasurable morning of delights, I must say!

It was the kind of pleasure that was Stunning to Embody. It is the kind of pleasure that is clear, sparkly, loving and open. The kind that you just know it is co-creating a magnificent reality around you!

Loving you ALL, beautiful Souls!!