Pippa La Doube Artist Writer Creative Leader Inspiration Love Majik Movement Expression

Video art, performance and creation: Pippa La Doube
Location: Sanur, Bali
Music: 'Lacrime di un pirata italiano'  by The Happening

The Sweetness of Dissolution

Smooth rag ways to my heart
Finding dissolution through the walls of water
Calling my name
Calling me home
To the intimacy of my own heart
my own souls creative force

To lift the black  silken vale
To reveal  the light beneath
It is time
It is time
to accept it all
Accept all the beauty and all the grace
Accept all the flaws and all of the faces

The room is revealed and there they all were
Piece by piece
The proof
Of no worth and damage
Of stubborn chaotic self
…of Hate
the tokens to prove it all
To keep  the holding pattern in place

but now
the Truth is revealed
Taken out, piece by piece

and offered a new opportunity
A New meaning
a new angles
a new agreements
a shifts in paradigm
turing towards love
Self loving love
Not just the words
But something that comes from far deeper
Something that can be touched as an energetic
A soul truth

The water
She spoke to me
She spoke of the purest vibrational love
The love that
I am
That I am simply by breathing
worth it
Simply by breathing
My presence is real
My presence Valuable
It's me
No need to be anything else.
No need to try to adjust to to a different form
Coz I am
Simply by being me
I am worth it...
- by Pippa La Doube