This Gypsy Queen may just be a bit of a hussy...

Byron Bay, Australia: 11 February 2016

It seems this Gypsy Queen is a bit of a Hussy. I have relationships all over the world. Love affairs of varying different degrees, depths and types with the Places that I stay. Places that I visit, live, love, stay, dive in with... some are fleeting dalliances and some are long term loves.

Byron Bay

Byron Bay, you are by far my greatest love so far.  My longest term relationship. The power and depth of our love is so deep! The places we go, the depths we dive - the dark, the light, the fiery, the luminous. Our love is strong, magnetic, almost addictive… incredible, loving and sometimes tumultuous. There came a point, a while back, when I realised I was broken and I needed to walk away.

And now with time as our friend, I come back to you. Loving, refreshed, renewed. I'll stay for a short while. We reignite our love affair. Enchanting, fiery, deep, loving, comfortable, familiar, sweet, beautiful. I can’t stay for long, we know that now. Before too long, our old wounds will get triggered and we start to fight again. So for now, we have 2 months together… we both know there is an end point, so we are safe to dive deep… to share and love and feel and deepen… until it is time to fly over the oceans again to yonder lands.


And then there is Melbourne… you are like crazy sociable romance. I come to you and get and an injection of life, city, culture… and injection of a love that is held in a community of like minds and dancing bodies. We move our bodies together in such a familiar dance. Close, intimate and sensual. Our love holds a particular kind of grittiness mixed with a particular kind of vibrance, a quality that none of the others hold. It is vivacious and it is deep but it has to be quick because it is so non stop that I expend all my energy with you. I generally leave you exhausted, but I would never not come to visit, dear Melbourne, coz to dip my feet in your pool, is exhilarating.


Adelaide, on the other hand, is a dear old friend. Our relationship is solid. It is not going anywhere. We love each other despite our differences. We know that we can spend years apart, and when we come back together we dive deep. Although we thought we didn't have that much in common any more, it seems that after our paths diverged for adventure and experience, we are coming back together with an understanding that the simple things, the heart things and the family things are the ones that run deepest. Trusting, faithful, steady is this relationship. And then we depart once again for another elongated spell of time… steadily loving each other all the way. More and more I have the feeling that we will be spending more time together as the years go on.


And then there is Sydney. My Adversarial Acquaintance. We don’t get along so well, you and me, Sydney. We run in the same circles. Our paths cross, but we just Don’t Get Along. We try. Once in a while I come to your shores. And once in a while we hope that this time it will be different, that this time we will understand each other. But we are Just Not A Resonant Match! Many of my friends have a lovely relationship with you, they know you better, deeper, closer, so sometimes I think I should put in a bit more effort to get to know you. But try as we might, dear Sydney, you always feel recalcitrant to me - hard on the edges, unforgiving, stern, loud, noisy, harsh and in your presence, I do not like what is evoked in me. So I choose to walk away… with a niggling feeling in my tummy that you have just reflected to me something about myself that I am yet to accept, yet to look at, yet to love… Something which I reject or shame, something which I don’t like. Something which perhaps I will look at now, perhaps i’ll look at later. Perhaps Ill forget to look at you this time and then next time I visit you it is right there in my face again… uncomfortable, frustrating, loud!

Note to self: Perhaps look at it this time...


Images for Sydney used with permission from Pixabay


And then there is Bali - Beautiful Bali. Bali you are my newest lover. I am infatuated!! I love what it feels like to be in your presence. I love how relaxed I am. I love how open I am. I love to immerse myself in your culture, your language. I love what it feels like to have your words dance around in my mind, mingled in with English and a touch of Spanish. I love what what it feels like to notice that your words are rolling off my tongue more smoothly every day. And watching the effect of that lighting up the hearts of the locals as they feel touched by being met in their own language. I love how relaxed I feel In your presence, how free I feel. I love how you welcome me when I land and celebrate me as you bid me farewell - as I welcome you and celebrate you. I feel intoxicated and drawn to this new love affair. Intoxicated and dizzy by our new love.

This Gypsy Queen has had a thousand casual flings along the way, across other continents, island and oceans… but nothing has touched so deep as these. This Gypsy Queen's heart is filled with so much love, variety and wonder from these places that touch her so deep as she flies on... and I look forward to so much more!