What adventures are calling your heart?

Welcome to This Gypsy Queen's Travel Blog. Please join me in a celebration of the world and all the wonder that it has to offer!

  Sunset with my dear friends Bec and Sanju - Munduk, Bali - January 2016

This is an exploration of my journey and experiences as I follow my heart - a Gypsy Queens journey dancing about the globe. Travel is one of my favourite way to experience life and all the wonder it has to offer. I learn so much about myself and the world around through experiencing different places, cultures, food, landscapes and energy.

I am not a typical tourist. I love to experience new places from a place of feeling and intimacy with the intricacies of that place. You might see me taking photos of a strange pattern on the ground, a macro photo of a flower's centre or the small little detail on a part of something, while others are taking photographs of a monument. I am more likely to go to the places less travelled that to the main tourist centres and love to spend some time in each place to really get the feel for it.

Luminous presence of hearts and love, every step of the way - Mocciana, Italy - April May 2016

For me it is all about the feeling - what happen in my heart in the presence of an experience. That being said, I do love to explore history and the traditions of a place and sometimes this takes me right to the centre of the tourist route.

I follow my heart, on my journey's, and that takes me to all sorts of wonderful places. Sometimes the journey is challenging and sometimes it is blissful and always there are things to learn about myself and the world around me.

So.... with love, heart, food, culture, appreciation and music, let's dance across the globe!

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