From Imagination’s Emanation,
A delicate grace emerges…
A new expression
A fullness
A YES...

Courageous, willing, loving and deeply honouring
An honouringof a voice inside
A voice has been crying to be heard

Crying in soft whispers to a soul who is dying to hear…
Dying to create new ways
Dying to have a new norm
Dying to feel it all
To feel it ALL

To LIVE it through expression and authenticity
To never again have to hide one bit of it
To move others through what she has made possible
Can it be you?
Can you be her?

She holds worlds inside her
Traversing those worlds are the threads of expression…
That. Move. Her. Soul

She says YES!

- pippa-la doube

dance movement raw courage pippa-la doube pippa creativity love