I caught the metro from the airport and then a local bus to get to my friends house in central Athens. By this point in the journey, not much is looking familiar. Traveling by self, I find that i need to work with any nerves that come up as I go. I have little conversations with myself and talk to myself about relaxing and trusting that I can do this. I am capable, brave and love experiencing new things, so I will work it out, even if I miss the train stop, it will be ok.

It involves a deep trusting relationship with the world around me and a belief that the vibration that I hold supports good things to come my way and synchronicities to flow in with love - And they do. It is wonderful. It also involves trusting myself and my intuition. If I have a funny feeling about something, I shift. If I feel like I need to move away from someone, I do it. It is a tricky balance between trusting my intuition and working with what I would call natural nerves.

The natural nerves come along to show me that I am trying something new, that I am breaking through an old limitation and that is to be celebrated. These are the nerves that I experience sitting on the metro, not sure where my stop was, unable to see the digital sign that tells you which stop you are arriving at and not quite able to hear the announcements because of the noise of the people enjoying life around me. These nerves, show me that I am out of my comfort zone, and that perhaps I need to seek some helps from a local, and that I can give myself the courage needed to do whatever it is.

And then intuitive knowing. It is when a different kind of nerves come through - the kind of nerves that told me to move away from the rather surly man on the platform that seemed to always pass by a little too close. I simply moved away from him and towards an older woman who had smiled at me earlier. Trusting that my gut knows whats going on around me and acting accordingly. I am a powerful antenna, as we all are… we just have to listen.

I have various mantra’s and intentions that I work with. They usually arrive in me just before I arrive in place, or embark on an adventure and I repeat them to myself, feeling them, feeling their actualisation, feeling their energy all the way through me as I arrive. A small grounding meditation, so create my energetic field, to support my journey and to protect me along the way. My intention for this journey is to call in ‘Grace Love and Synchronicity’ all the way, that I feel it with me as I move through me and my experiences, as if it was my blood moving through my being.


Grace Love and Synchronicity

Calling it in...

Thank you, beautiful Universe!!